Go for Memory Foam Mattress

One of the key distinctions in the memory foam mattress market is the type of material used in the bed. While it may seem that they are all the same, there are in fact several distinct categories.


Density is important when looking for the right memory foam bed designed for the summer months. The density has to be high enough so that it can properly support your weight, otherwise you will sink too far into the mattress. Lower density mattresses also have a harder time retaining their shape after only a few months of compression. Foam density too high can feel hard or uncomfortable. The density of the mattress does affect the price (lower densities are cheaper to manufacture), however it is not an effective way to determine the quality of the mattress as some brands price low density beds higher than others.

Temperature Control

If you or your partner tend to get hot night while sleeping, than you also want to consider how the mattress handles body heat. Viscous, closed cell foams are more likely retain heat near your body, and traditional memory foam mattress brands tend to receive the most complaints. So called “air channels” tend to do little to disperse heat as they are compressed flat once you are on the bed. The best way to see if a mattress sleeps hot is to read reviews from other owners and see how often people mention the issue.


Like with many other products, it is important to read the warranty information of the memory foam mattress retailer very carefully. You want to know how long the warranty is for, what it covers, how long the full coverage period lasts, and how reliable the brand offering the warranty is. Also, you will want to check and see whether there are any special restrictions or exclusions. For example, some brands may require you to use their foundation or a mattress cover, and stains or missing mattress tags might void the coverage.

Trial Period

A testing period for your memory foam mattress is essential, especially if it is your first try with the type. When you first get your new bed, you should try to use it for at least 4-6 weeks as it might take your body some time to adjust to sleeping in a natural position. But, the truth of it is, no one mattress will be right for everyone. Being able to have a trial period with the mattress is important just in case you end up not being compatible. However, it is also important to know the stipulations of that trial period.

Where to Shop

One of the best things that you can do when shopping for a memory foam mattress is shop around. Keep in mind it is not about getting the cheapest mattress you can find. It is about getting the best quality with the best price – the best value.

In most cities, local showrooms will offer a fairly limited selection of “specialty” mattresses like memory foam, and this selection may not represent the best mattresses out there. Many also tend exaggerate markups to compensate for high costs, sales commissions, and big sales. In addition, you will often face sales pressure to buy quickly and will be on the store’s schedule.